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A clogged pipe is quite common in a house.  Sanitary facilities such as the toilet, sink, lavabo or bathtub are the most clogged areas. On an everyday basis, the plumbing system is stressed and clogged by toilet paper, hair,  soap, garbage…  Over time, the cap becomes larger until it becomes prohibit water from passing through the  sanitary facilities.  Sold unclogging products are surely recommended for prevention, but when a large cork is  present, their effectiveness decreases drastically.  In case of pipeline obstructions, our plumbers are available 7 days a week for an in-depth  unblocking of pipes and drains. 

Emergency unclogging 

At your request, ServiceSOS plumbers will respond to your emergency to resolve your sanitary and piping problems.  A neglected clogging can cause overflows of water and damage everything the water will  come in contact with. To minimize costs, regain your comfort and get rid of bad smells, we are right there for you  7d/7. 

High pressure unblocking 

When the drains are too blocked and the ferret cannot clear them In case of obstruction, the use of high pressure is recommended. It does not damage your installation. By sending water under high pressure, the clogging degrades, breaks, and drains without  clogging up further. Say goodbye to stubborn obstructions. Our plumbers have different tools to intervene.  For each situation, we have a different tool.