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Heating troubleshooting 

ServiceSOS heating engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you  troubleshoot your heating system.  

In case of heating failure, any problem with your radiator or 

any other concern related to heating, we are at your disposal to 

act and intervene the same day and repair the causes of a breakdown. 

Heating installation 

We offer you the installation of your heating. For a new installation, we 

Investigate and study your needs in order to offer you the solutions that best meet your  requirements. 

Already bought everything? Our heating engineers install all the components.  

ServiceSOS company was born to meet the needs of our customers, so do not hesitate to  contact us for more information. 

The heating 

The structure of a heating system is made up of a heat generator, a 

distribution unit and heat emitters. Collectively, they form a circuit of 

heating and guarantee an efficient distribution of heat in the rooms. 

The central heating system supplies heat to various parts of the house. The system is mostly placed in the basement. The distribution circuit heats the bedrooms connected to the system. The initial basis of a central heating system is the heat generator. 

However, a condensing boiler runs on gas. 

The process allows the creation or consumption of heat. Nevertheless, they all heat a  calorific axis from the perspective of central heating which is done by water. 

The heated water is sent from a heat generator to the rooms to be heated by a set of pipes.  The distribution is done by a two-pipe method. 

One of the pipes transfers the heated water to the radiator, and for underfloor heating, the  heated water passes through a heated floor and the other pipe brings the cold water back  into the boiler. 

The central heating passes the heat to the radiators through a distribution method. The radiators and floors producing heat are heated by hot water. 

The heat is propagated into the room through the emitters. The radiators are thus conditioned to simplify air circulation around them. 

The air heats up quickly and rises from the radiator to the ceiling.  It perhaps cools down and enters the soil.  

It creates a circulation of air that produces a comfortable feeling in the room.