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Leak detection

Leak detection

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Leak detection 

If you have an emergency and need to resolve the problem quickly, give us a call. We locate and detect water leaks through our emergency service emergency 24/7. We understand that some situations cannot wait and our professionals will help  you to solve it. Our professionals have a range of tools to locate water leaks in emergencies and carry out their work  efficiently and safely.  We have the technology and the right professionals to provide an effective solution to your leak  detection problem. The following equipment is generally used by our experts in leak detection: geophone, thermal  imager, equipment for hydrogen, gas tracer, thermal camera, ultrasounds…  

We are a company dedicated to the detection and complete repair of your filtration problems.  We offer quick and guaranteed solutions for all kinds of problems encountered. Our company is made up of a professional and efficient team, with the most advanced technologies  and supported by experience and extensive technical knowledge. In case of visible or invisible water leakage or suspicion of leakage, contact us. 

Why emergency detection? 

Don’t pay the consequences of an installation in poor condition, whether it is inside or outside your home. Water, although vital, can seriously damage your walls.  Untreated leaks can lead to significant costs. Don’t wait to repair a water leak. Our main objective is the solution brought to any type of water leakage using the latest tools. We offer a solution for any pipe having problems. Our professionals detect water leaks in in homes, in the sewerage system, in communal swimming pools… They know all types of fields and know how to handle each case in an emergency. 

Water leakage 

Disturbing traces of moisture? Detection becomes a must. Our tools for detecting leaks allow us to detect them accurately without causing any damage. The tool for detection that is most commonly used is the camera. It provides an accurate view to detect the leak’s origin. But there are different ways to find leaks, endoscopy, which gives us the possibility to see the inside of the ducts and to examine with an LCD screen. Electroacoustic listening that localises vibrations emitted by water leaking from a buried pipe. The tracer gas, which is injected into the purged conduit. Finally, smoke detection is done using a smoke generator. We are equipped for all  situations.  You should also know that home insurance covers water damages. You will receive a report. You can then submit the report for a refund.