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Urgent interventions are possible the same day.

Troubleshooting and installation

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Troubleshooting locksmiths 

Our locksmiths intervene to solve all your locksmithing problems. Our extensive experience allows us to intervene efficiently, but above all without damage. Our working philosophy is to intervene quickly to alleviate inconveniences you are confronted with, but also a job done with care and attention to detail. 

Door opening 

Door openings are made without any damage. Our locksmiths open doors that are slammed, jammed, and damaged. Do you have an armoured door in your home? No  problem! Our locksmiths open every door. Thanks to our know-how and our equipment you will regain access to your home but without having to repair anything hence  the need to call a professional. 

Repairs after a break-in 

We also intervene for repairs after a break-in. After an attempt of theft or robbery, we secure  your door and repair anything that can be. To be burglered is very frightening, we know it, so we do everything possible to intervene quickly and secure your door until it is repaired. Nothing is forgotten so that you can regain your serenity. 

Why use a locksmith? 

Our locksmiths can intervene in a professional manner to open your door or secure your interior. The door openings made by our locksmiths are done by without damage. We regularly intervene when a door slams while the keys remained inside. A key that breaks in the lock. Or a theft of handbag that contained the keys. Our locksmiths are available 24/7 to help you out. At any time of the day or night to allow you to re-enter your home. Our  interventions are carried out quickly so that you don’t have to wait too long. 

Changement serrure 

Does your lock need changing? Lost or broken keys in the lock? ServiceSOS intervenes quickly to change your lock. During replacement, you can choose between a standard lock or a secure lock.  Once the change is complete, you will have new keys.

What is the lock made of? 

A lock is made up of a cylinder, also called the barrel, the strike and striker. It is also possible to equip your doors with elements that will allow to reinforce their security  such as the door latch and the lock. Different locks are available such as the fairing lock, the cam lock, handle locks, hook lock, pump lock and a lock of a door. Two lock installations are possible  with a surface lock and a integrated mortise lock. There are also different types of locks. Several locking systems are possible with the hook lock, the multipoint lock, the rebate  locking bolt and the cam lock and finally there are also different locking systems with key  lock, card lock, code lock, and rebate locking bolt. For security and protection against  intruders, there are, for example different locks with 3, 5 or 7 points to guarantee the security of your interior.