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Troubleshooting and installation

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Sanitary troubleshooting 

Our company provides a 24-hour, 7-days-a-week sanitary breakdown service. ServiceSOS plumbers are there for any problem with your sinks, toilets (WC), showers, bathtubs, pipes and any sanitary system. For any repair of your sanitary facilities, our experienced plumbers provide reliable and quality work. Our extensive experience allows us to intervene on any sanitary facilities and this efficiently. Our emergency repair service is always available because 

a breakdown does not call. We also offer the following services: 

  • The repair of water pumps. 
  • The repair of external leaks in pipes and storage tanks. 
  • Cleaning of tanks. 
  • Flushing, emptying of clogged sinks, toilets or drains. 
  • Repairing and replacing sanitary taps. 
  • Repairing internal water leaks, e.g. under the bathtub, toilets, inside the wall, ceiling, under  lock and garden areas. 
  • The emptying of septic tanks. 
  • Sanitary troubleshooting. 


Sanitary plumbing combines the distribution of drinking water, pressure regulation and of the flow and the evacuation of waste water. It is important to know that a distribution  system of complex water is behind every drop of water that flows from the sink or tap. This complex system is vital for our hygiene and living comfort. Today it has become  commonplace to have access to water.  

Every drop of water used daily in our homes, we owe it to the plumbing.  The function of a sanitary plumber is to place, repair and troubleshoot everything that  corresponds to the districution of drinking water and sewage disposal in a household. In  other terms, to bring drinking water back in all areas requiring use.  

In everyday life, it is the sanitary plumber who deals with leakage problems, problems of clogged pipes… For the taps, the sanitary plumber is in charge of the fitting, installation and the replacement and repair of all kinds of taps.  For sink and lavabo, the plumber works on the fitting, installation, repairs and replacement of  the of sinks and lavabos. 

The plumber changes the hoses and replaces the siphon. For the toilets, his job is the  installation and assembly. He repairs the leakage between the toilet bowl and the tank. It uncloggs the toilet… For the shower and bathtub, he takes care of the installation and places all kinds of showers and bathtubs, also the installation of shower trays and shower enclosures. Of course, he also uncloggs the shower and bathtub. As well as repairing leaks on the drain pipe of the shower and bathtub.