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Diagnosis and Repairs on site by the chief technician

  • Urgent interventions are carried out the same day
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Electrical troubleshooting 

In case of partial or complete electrical failure, please contact us.  

In the case of a dangerous breakdown, the first thing to do is to secure your installation.  Then locating the origin of this failure, and once detected, repairs can start. The causes of electrical failures are multiple. The electricians of ServiceSOS are versatile and experienced, which makes them fast to implement while  keeping on delivering quality work. 

Our field of competence covers all aspects of an electrical installation for troubleshooting  and repairing of: 

  • The electrical installation 
  • Lighting 
  • Intercom and videophony 
  • Home automation 
  • Security: smoke and carbon monoxide detectors 

Our electricians are competent for the setting in conformity of your property. For all electrical problem, call us. 

Electrical installation 

An electrical system consists of a meter, electrical panel, circuit breaker, and switches. An electrical installation that complies with standards guarantees safety and  comfort to avoid any anomaly and overload of your electrical network.  Your installation must contain various safety tools such as special insulating sheaths, a  device used to protect buildings from lightning, a circuit breaker and fuses that will guarantee  short-circuit protection. If the house is old, call one of our specialized electricians in the field  in order to control your electrical system and make sure there is no danger of fire or  electrocution. The specialist will be able to guide you for a conformity setting. 

The electrical installation in water rooms 

For water rooms, the standard is stricter because the risks of electrocution are more important. It is important to know that the bathroom is divided into 4 parts called volume. – Volume 0 is the part of the shower and the bathtub. It is forbidden to introduce connected electrical appliances. No plugs must be placed. 

  • Volume 1 refers to the upper part of the bathtub. One can place a lighting as long as the transformer is located in volumes 2 or 3. 
  • For volume 2, it is the spacing that is less than 60 cm from the shower on a 3m height. It accepts low-voltage lighting that is solid to the task. 
  • For the volume 3, this part is addressing the rest of the room where the electrical  equipment can be used and where sockets can also be placed.